About me

aboutmeb&wI am the content curator at globalquerier.

My name is Jorgelina Pera. I live very near Buenos Aires, in Argentina. 

I’m a lawyer, an information analysis specialist and a researcher in Global Development and International Taxation. I’m passionate about Future Studies and about Information & Communications Technologies.

At  globalquerier.com  I am looking for a way to connect people, ideas and resources around the world to fight poverty and its associated problematic by promoting development and innovation.

I am really convinced there is an unexploited and growing quantity of contributions artificial intelligence, science and others information & communication technologies can do, to improve people’s quality of life.

We can use these tools to solve complex social problems. 

I’ve a specialization degree in Business Law and in Strategic Information Analysis. I also have a  Master’s degree in International Taxation from UNIR (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, España). 

Read more about our mission and feel free to join us.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Jorgelina Pera