We are an interdisciplinary and open team formed by professionals (economists, lawyers, physicians, engineers) and experts on international studies and sustainable development from all over the world. 

We generate the contents and articles in in collaboration with a wide range of specialized authors and guest collaborators with different expertise.

Working together despite our dissimilar background is sometimes a challenge, but we know that, in return, we can combine different insights and approaches to our complex reality.

According to our mission and the questions we are trying to answer, we aim to guide actions and efforts to make a real difference, towards a more inclusive and globally developed world.

We are passionate about future studies, innovation and technology and we want this to be a platform to connect people, ideas and resources through the internet.

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     María Jorgelina Pera

Founder and Content curator




This website aims to be a meeting point for those interested in answer what can and should do science and emerging technologies for a global and sustainable development.

You can follow the news and articles, ask for some topics to be treated or you can also give your part, sending us your collaboration under the following terms of use.

We want you to enjoy with us the experience, that is why we have included some complimentary and useful information as well as sections about people in the world, places and interesting facts or events.




We believe our future is, in big part, a consequence of our present actions. 

There is a growing number of contributions emerging technologies – as e. g. artificial intelligence- can do to improve people’s quality of life. But there is no time to lose because many people are at the moment with unsatisfied basic needs.

To take advantage of those tools, it is necessary to properly use a battery of methodologies and skills to work efficiently on solving global social problems. At the time, we have to develop inclusive networks because global problems can’t be solved by a few.




Our work respects other’s opinions. We believe in the importance of a multicultural and friendly context to find inspiration and to work and do significant research.

integrity – diversity – respect – creativity – optimism – confidence – international cooperation – curiosity – care of others – dude – humility  – initiative – critical thinking – responsibility – resilience – empathy – independence – tolerance- transparency – service – commitment