Mission, Vision, Values



This site aims to be a collaborative platform for those who work, study, do research or have business related to that place of convergence between global development, international taxation and information technologies. 

This is a participative initiative. You can follow the news and articles, ask for some topics or issues to be treated or you can also give your part, sending us your feedback or your collaboration under the following terms of use.


We believe we build everyday our common future, with that we do as well as with that we don’t.  Our destiny is connected with all living and not living things there are.

Our labour pursuits a complete respect of other’s opinions, in a diversity and multicultural friendly context, allowing science and technology have their say for global development and people’s quality of life improvement.


integrity – diversity – respect – open mindedness (I am not sure that words does exist, actually, but you know what I mean) – philosophy – philomathy – creativity – enthusiasm – optimism – confidence – international cooperation – curiosity – care of others – dude – humility  – initiative – technology, media and information literacy – critical thinking – responsibility – resilience – empathy – independence – tolerance- transparency – service – commitment – balance