Andrea Riccardi – Uruguay

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrea and since my last years at the university, I have been working with taxes, first at PWC Uruguay for 8 years and currently within the Uruguayan Tax Administration Office as tax advisor.

I have done postgraduate and master`s degrees in business administration and taxation. But I must confess that I do love studying, reading, writing, teaching!

So hoping one day I could dedicate myself 100% to the Academia, last year I decided to start a new project: doctoral studies! … Quite a challenge for me, as Uruguayan universities do not offer Doctoral programmes, or at least, programmes in international tax law.


It was last year, by the age of 35 that I decided to leave my comfort zone and embrace my new challenge at the University of Valencia, in Spain.

It was not an easy decision, three years writing a thesis implies compromise and full concentration, and I knew that during the process I could face some difficulties in preparing the documentation for the application process (which is a lot!), asking for financial aid (still looking for that!), travelling to another city.


But no matter what future holds, until now it has been an extraordinary experience, I have met incredible people from all over the world with whom I can share my experiences and concerns, opportunity that I find really worth it not only professionally speaking but also and most importantly from a personal point of view.

There is a world out there, and each day I confirm that I do love what I am doing.


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