What is Global Querier?

We aim to be a meeting point for people and organizations interested in the confluence of International Taxation and Science, Technology and Innovation for Information Analysis.

We are aware of its importance, for the promotion of Global Development and that of our countries.

We believe that building interdisciplinary teams, with the skills to apply the latest available technologies, can respond to global problems, such as poverty, climate change, rising energy demand and inequality of opportunity.

There is a special configuration in the current state of international tax cooperation, due to a global understanding of the interdependence of sustainable economic growth, security and the exchange of information between countries.

These circumstances put international taxation studies in a privileged place to contribute substantially to global development.

The growing possibilities resulting from existing tools, designed to analyze large amounts of data, as well as artificial intelligence and automatic machine learning, have the potential to generate disruptive changes in the ways we have to exploit knowledge.

International Taxation is a strategic conduit to channel many of the most important initiatives to face the challenges of those related problems.

At the same time, the institutions through which it exercises control have a decided influence on the level of social unrest, corruption and organized crime.

These are, precisely, the most important obstacles to global development, clear causes of inequality and violence in our societies and responsible for the lack of success of many efforts of the administrations.

The end of this road must be the meeting between those increased capabilities of government and Human needs.

We have to focus that the man has to be the measure of each effort.

We have to be aware that we build our future with every action, because that perception is fundamental for us to assume our responsibility.

There are many questions to answer before achieving that convergence, between what technology has to offer and its implementation, to improve people’s quality of life. 

To find those answers, we have to expand our consciousness about the implications of everything we do, consume, waste and modify, about ourselves and our environment.

We invite you to enjoy this endless journey with us.

In addition to articles on subjects related to these disciplines, we will share experiences, news of interest, special places and trends.

We are particularly interested in promoting the participation and the connection between users, so you can contact us to share your experience, publish material or ask us to deal with issues of your interest.



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